SAP Consultant Certification Policy

Conditions for Participation in SAPís Consultant Certification Program


1.     Participants 

  • Partners and customers may register suitably qualified employees as candidates for the certification examination.
  • Participants in training courses that are given by SAP or SAPís authorized training partners and that include the certification examination may attempt the certification examination.
  • Other persons may apply to an SAP international subsidiary to be admitted to the certification examination. Candidates are required to show they are suitably qualified and that their certification fulfils a need. Admission to the certification examination is at SAPís sole discretion.


2.     Examinations, Personal Data 

  • SAP will define and publish the scope to be covered by each examination, which is subject to change by SAP without notice.
  • SAP will define and publish the format and duration of the examination, which are subject to change by SAP without notice.
  • Examinations and certificates are release-dependent, that is to say examinations cover and certificates are valid in respect of a particular software release.
  • SAP reserves the right to limit in time the validity of a release-dependent certificate. The validity of a certificate expires not later than the time at which SAP ends support of the release in question.
  • SAP will define at SAPís discretion the releases for which examinations will be offered and their validity in time.
  • SAP may offer a delta-certification test to upgrade the certificate for a particular release so that it is valid for the subsequent release. Delta-certification test candidates must hold the certificate for the current release. Possession of the certificate for aback-level release does not entitle a candidate to admission to a delta-certification test. SAP reserves the right to include in delta-certification tests matters of general importance as well as matters specific to the new release.
  • To administrate the certification program SAP or its subsidiary stores and processes data concerning persons in accordance with the applicable statutory data protection provisions. Candidates must confirm in writing their acceptance of such storage and processing before admission to the examination.


3.     Examination Rules  

  • Each candidate must produce an official valid identification document with photo to the invigilator (proctor) before the invigilator allows the candidate to start the exam.
  • The candidate must complete the examination alone and independently. No extra help of any kind is allowed.
  • The time available to candidates to complete the examination is limited and can be neither interrupted nor extended.
  • Candidates must follow the invigilatorís instructions.
  • The examination questions and tasks are copyright and must not be written down, copied, or otherwise reproduced in whole or in part or made available to others in any form.
  • If a candidate disturbs the examination or breaks any examination rule that candidate will be excluded from the examination immediately.


4.     Assessment and Results 

  • The examination is assessed blind in accordance with general rules defined by SAP.
  • Candidates are informed of their result, by receiving a certificate or failed feedback.
  • Successful candidates receive a certificate with a unique identification number.
  • As far as reasonably possible, unsuccessful candidates receive general information on identified gaps in their competence.
  • Appeals must be lodged within three months after communication of the result. SAP is not required to review appeals lodged after these three months, and is then entitled to destroy the documents.
  • SAP will hold the results of the examination in a database in order to be able to ascertain, if necessary, what certification a candidate holds and whether a candidate can be admitted to other examinations. SAP may also use the data held to provide targeted information to certified candidates and to enable candidates to retrieve specific information. SAP may also inform others of successful candidatesí certification.


5.     Amending and Replacing Certificates 

  • If a certificate is lost, the SAP international subsidiary will issue a replacement.
  • Successful candidates must inform the SAP international subsidiary in writing of any change of address, of name, or of employer, or of any other relevant change, attaching official documents and a statement by the new employer, as appropriate. SAP will issue an amended certificate to the candidateís new address.
  • SAP may make an administrative charge for amending and replacing certificates.  


6.     Re-take 

  • Unsuccessful candidates may re-take the same examination.
  • No candidate may sit the same examination for the same release more than three times. A candidate who has failed at an examination three times for a release may not attempt that examination again until the next release.
  • A candidate may not re-take an examination until 30 days after the failure.
  • Before admission to the same examination a third time the candidate must produce evidence of training suitable to rectify the gaps identified in the candidateís competence at previous examinations.
  • SAP does not undertake that candidates can re-take an examination for a particular release. Re-take candidates may have to attempt the examination for a later release.
  • Candidates pay a fee for all re-takes.


7.     Certification Fees / Regulations 

  • Candidates pay a consultant certification fee for admission to the examination.
  • This certification fee covers the examination, assessment, and, for successful candidates,
    the certificate and ID-Card.
  • For some identified SAP training courses the listed course fee includes the certification fee.
  • Where the examination is offered and conducted by SAP the regulations for participation in SAP training courses also apply.


8.     Infringements of the Examination Rules 

  • In the event of a serious infringement of the examination rules, all certificates that the candidate concerned has been awarded will be invalidated and the candidate will be excluded from further examinations. A candidate who has seriously infringed the rules must return all certificates to SAP without delay.
  • In the event of a minor infringement of the examination rules the exam of the candidate concerned will be assessed as a ďfailĒ but the candidate may re-take in accordance with the rules for re-take.
  • Infringement of copyright and other unlawful harm to SAP will be treated as a serious infringement of the examination rules as if the infringement or harm were done under the certification program.
  • SAP will have proper regard to its duty of fairness in deciding whether an infringement is serious or minor. The candidate concerned will receive written reasoned notification.


9.     Law and Jurisdiction 

  • These Conditions of Participation apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. These Conditions cannot be changed or added to, and SAPís failure expressly to reject a change or addition will not be construed as SAPís acceptance of the change or addition.
  • These Conditions of Participation are governed exclusively by German law.
  • If the other party is a registered trader for the purposes of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch) the sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties out of or in connection with these Conditions is Karlsruhe, Germany.

Certification through SAP
Certification events are offered in different countries. Note that SAP training & certification offerings vary across different countries and regions around the world. For course schedules and registration information contact your
local SAP Education training center.


Book your Certification via the Online Training Catalog
At the end of most basic and advanced training courses, course participants have the option of taking part in a certification examination to verify their knowledge of a particular SAP solution. Examinations can also be attended independent of training courses: dates can be found at the
Online Training Catalog.


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